7 Things

Hey Guys-

A friend of mine recently asked if I would share 7 things about Sadie. I'm happy to do so, but since this is a community blog, I figure I'd use Sadie as an example and have all of you comment with 7 interesting things about your pup. This is a good way to learn about each others pet.

Happy Sunday!

1. Sadie competes in K9 Frisbee. Here are some photos from last years competitive season courtesy of the Yankee Flyers Disc Dog Club.
2. She learns peoples names really fast. If I tell her to "go find Bridget", she's run over to Bridget, put her paws up as if to say "Here she is- I found her. She's right here."
3. She was labeled as a 4 month old Springer Spaniel/Pointer mix. It wasn't too long before it was clear that she was labeled as wrong. Springers don't stare down sheep and Pointers don't herd ducks. Now that she's older, it's very clear she's 1/2 Aussie Shepherd and 1/2 Border Collie.
4. Both Border Collies and Aussie Shepherds require a ton of exercise. During a couple of surgeries last year, she laid at my side for a total of 8 weeks. When my roommates would try to take her to the park, she would go out, pee, and pull them back to the house to stay by my side.
5. On another subject, she also woke up my friend's roommate when I fell the day after my first surgery. She ran in, pawed at him, and barked until he woke up- he came out to the kitchen where I was sprawled on the floor. He took me to the hospital, thanks to Sadie. Believe it or not, she has never even seen an episode of Lassie!
6. She's terrified of most cats and isn't too fond of most dogs...
7. ...but she loves to snuggle with rabbits and guinea pigs.