News of the Week

Sorry that it took me so long to get these pictures posted! These are the pictures taken on 6/15's Socialization party in Belmont. We were pleased to have a few friendly new faces, and many of the usual suspects came out to romp around on Friday night. We'll be doing this again this Friday, but keep in mind that Friday, July 6th, there will be no socialization group. I'll be out of town. However, there will be group play resuming on the 14th. For the rest of the pictures, Click Here

Two other pictures from the Littleton class, courtesy of Julie- thank you so much for coming to the class! I'm very excited to be running a class at the Bark-O-Lounge. It's a fantastic class, and I think everything about the arrangement there is going to work out splendidly.


  1. The puppy pics are very cute. There were a couple of breeds I had never seen before. What was the poodle looking dog?

    Bark Lounge seems like a fun place. I would love to open my own doggy daycare some day. That would be an awesome job!

  2. Actually, the poodle like breed is a Poodle. She's not a "classic" black or tan - in fact, she's what is called a Parti colored poodle. They are common in Europe, and are starting to become popular here (for the reason you see in the picture: they are SO cute and highly intelligent creatures).