October 21st

Zen Dog Halloween Costume Party

Saturday October 21st from 3-6pm

"Why should us humans have all the fun?"

Come join Zen Dog Training on Saturday October 21st for a super-scary
Halloween Costume Party to honor Zen Dog Training's recent graduates
at Crate Escape, 20 Flanders Road, Belmont.

The event is free and open to the community. Meet the puppies,
parents and their trainer as you socialize your dog. (Please only
bring your dog if they already play well with other dogs!)

Prizes will be given to the dogs with the coolest costume!

Food and beverages graciously donated by:
Crate-Escape and Concord Brewery

Please RSVP!


Party will be held at:

20 Flanders Road │ Belmont │ MA


Gordon Fontaine, CTC
SPCA Certified Dog Trainer

Zen Dog Training

Dog Training - Done Differently.